Welcome Bonvue Irrigation Association Members:

The Bonvue Irrigation Association was originally formed in 1947 with the stated objective of delivering low cost irrigation water to its subscribers, and continues to meet this objective today. Membership in the Association enables local residents to obtain and utilize renewable surface water for non-potable purposes for a fraction of the cost of treated groundwater obtained from our local water utilities. Participation in the Association is both environmentally sound and economically smart!

The membership of the Association is comprised of people just like you, and the elected Board Members and Officers are entrusted by you to ensure that this valuable resource will continue to be available now and into the future. Board Members are remunerated only in the yearly compensation of their respective shares, and they devote considerable time and energy to ensuring that this resource ends up on your lawns, under the feet of your children and grandchildren, and in your flower and vegetable gardens.

This is OUR Association, and it is through our membership dues that the Bonvue neighborhood remains as attractive and pleasant as it is. It is up to us, each of us, to use our resources wisely and fairly, thus ensuring that our homes will continue to look as sharp and inviting as they do!

News and Events

August 20, 2016 The ditch rider telephone number remains the same as it has been since 2015 - 720-515-1479. Dialing the ditch rider number will connect callers with a recorded message. If you are experiencing low water levels or other issues, please call and listen to the message to see if it answers your questions. Low water levels and other known issues will be updated regularly. If you have an emergency situation, please leave your name, address and telephone number with brief description of your emergency. Either the ditch rider or a board member will be notified and emergency calls will receive a return call within 20 minutes. All other messages will be attended to as soon as reasonably practicable.

August 19, 2016 The water level at the headgate is 6.0 inches. Six inches is typically the minimum amount needed to service customers. During heavy watering by numerous members, six inches may not be enough. We've been advised by the Agricultural Ditch Company that provides our water that they have switched to reserve reservoir water. Consequently, all customers served by the Agricultural Ditch Company have had their water flows restricted. There is nothing we can do to raise the water levels as long as we are under the restrictions at our head gates. If you are experiencing low water flows and cannot irrigate, please call and leave a message for the ditch rider. The ditch rider will monitor the system, but please be aware that there may be nothing the ditch rider can do about your flow as long as the quantity of water allowed into Bonvue Irrigation Association's head gates is restricted.

Flow Status

Water is measured via the gauge at the weir on the north end of the channels near the headgates. Date, time, and value as documented are noted below, and the relative change since the last measurement is noted in the picture.

August 20, 2016 6.0 units
May 24, 2016 5.5 units
May 23, 2016 4.5 units

Purple: Excessive, >8 units
Green: Excellent, 7-8 units
Blue: Good, 6-7 units
Red: Low, <6 units

Ditch Rider

Welcome new Ditch Rider




2016 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Association was held on April 19, 2016. Click links below to download documents distributed at the meeting.

Notice and Proxy

2016 Meeting Agenda

2016 Budget & 2015 Actual

2015 Check Register

2015 Year End Bank Statement

2015 Annual Minutes

2016 Watering Schedule

The new watering schedule is now available for viewing and printing.

2016 Watering Schedule (B&W)

Repairs and Maintenance